About Debbi

OK so here is where I am supposed to tell you about myself. Once from California, my relocation to Vermont with my family has been a good one that heightened my creativity in many ways. I have been always drawn to young children, and am a para-educator of preschool and primary school students. I also volunteer in second grade classrooms to teach hands-on literary art classes, and can be found writing on notebooks, pads, and slips of paper everywhere. (Just ask my husband  who constantly finds pieces of paper with occasionally decipherable notes in strange places.) I also love public speaking and preaching, and co-leading home church with my husband. My passion is to seek out the Lord in Word and personal relationship. When I am not teaching, writing, or praying, I can be found poking around book sales adding to my extensive collection of children’s books which I love to share with the children around me.

I started this blog because I wanted to share with others my love for art and writing, along with the trials and tribulations of trying to become published, self or otherwise. I have set a goal of at least three posts a week, and so far, have been able to accomplish it and have fun doing it.

Thanks to my husband who not only puts up with all my little notes, but helps me with all things technical. Check out his blog at http://watchersonthewall.wordpress.com/


1 thought on “About Debbi”

  1. Hi Debbi, what a nice bio – I just returned to California from a visit to Vermont, and I’m an elementary school substitute teacher who also loves art, kids and children’s literature. I look forward to following your blog!

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