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Raining softly outside – I didn’t expect that as I sat down to write and study early this morning. The sound, gentle and soothing to me made me just stop and savor it. It was just myself and the Lord up at my table.

My cocoa-laced coffee is hot and tasty, my scene outside our sliding glass window is serene, contented, and whispery with breezes, impossibly lush and green. The yellow squash plant in the porch container is stirring its large leaves in the tickling breeze. All else seems alert, but hushed.

Ahh, there is so much to do today, much to plan and prepare for, but I heard a nudging in my spirit ”savor this.” Savor the moment, savor more of life as it continually wafts by. Each moment is Handmade by the Creator. Outside my window peace is perfectly pictured. “My peace I give to you, not as the world gives give I unto you.”

Can I just be still and collect this restful, natural moment internally and set my stirred up self receive? I knew I would have to leave my spot, but it did not have to leave me. I wanted to carry that atmosphere as an invitation from my Lord. I wanted to wrap my inner self in wonder and unhurried rest, intentionally. Then I could possibly be a soft and gentle morning rain shower to others I would meet today. A garden of fresh possibilities to model. You can have this inner rest in increasing amounts as you savor lovely moments that come to you. We have great imaginations given to us by our Father God, and He began mankind in a garden, after all.