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On our happy way to Maine, it took only three road changes in a short time to make me a bit suspicious that this family visit getaway was going to have some lesson in it somewhere.

So, Kevin and I were off in the morning with new gas and fresh coffee drinks, on a fairly sunny Saturday. We came upon a stretch of serious road repair on a local town road. Slow down and navigate the cones and the traffic control men stretched out. For at least an hour we made good time, then we reached the major highway leading to Boston, or the New Hampshire shore. And the rain that had begun to fall got super serious, and fell so heavily, it was scary! Lightning flashed really close, and cars all around us, on the 6 lane, divided highway were foaming through waves of water. You could only see white cars, all others were vague shadows, and Kevin was intensely concentrating.

“Lord, Help”, I gritted out between my startled responses to the closeness of the lightning. Up came His suggestion…giant rest stop area ahead! You bet, and off we turned, to sit in the parking lot with many others until it settled down to manageable rain! Thank you, Lord Jesus!

Our next stretch of roadway wove damply, but nicely through Portsmouth, NH, until we connected with the highway up to Maine, when the tourist presence was evident in the slow moving throng of cars. Well, at least it was moving, even though slowly. Time was rambling on, and it would be only about 45 minutes until we got to family in a small Maine town. The road began to morph into scarified stretches. At least the road signs told us that this was the case. Well, as unpleasant as the sensation was on roads being grooved for repaving, it was progress for the future.

Our visit was lovely, even on occasional dirt roads, and I wondered, as we made our way home two days later, what roads would be like. Nice and rather pleasantly swift, until a sudden jam of slower traffic in Portsmouth just before I was to get over to take an exit. Why was there such a sudden boggle? I felt I should get over quickly, so I grabbed the car space on my right…just in time to miss the bicycle laying just ahead of me in my path! I would have hit it, laying in the middle of the highway lane, if I had not heeded the whisper. Thank you Lord. The huge truck behind me came to a stop in front of that fallen bike.IMG_20170710_152838061

We pulled off the road for a little tourist break at a stunning rest stop on top of a hill in the New Hampshire mountains. Ahh, to stand and feel the soft breezes and view the stunning mountain view, gave a change of perspective. As we arrived home, finally, I was reviewing that “road trip” awareness all weekend. “What was this all about, Lord?” I asked. I mean I knew that roads and paths pretty much can depict our walk with the Lord, in a symbolic way. The Bible has a lost of verses making this connection. But I also knew this was going to be a blog to pass on to you, and I asked Him what this was meaning? “Be confident in My Presence in the unexpected turns of your life journey, if you belong to Me,” was His very gentle, but real response. We had prayed for protection and He was there. He was safety in the storm, peace on the rough roads, and He moved me swiftly out of the path of danger. He even gave us a mountain top time to realize He has those prepared on our journeys, too. Enjoy.