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Oh, too much to think about — Can’t get quiet, So much to do. I start to get quiet, then I get distracted. Such a long list of things to get done today. I start praying and get distracted. There is an unfinished stir inside of me that I cannot identify.

Sigh. I pause to look to the Lord, to be still and smile toward Him. I want to connect with Him. What is the problem? I have an incoming missile thought, and internal chatter which sidetracks my attention from hearing Gods quiet impressions in me.

I want peace. I miss it. Closing my eyes, I reconnect with my Savior, intentionally closing out distractions. I am just being His. Loving Him in my whispers and thoughts.

“Jesus, Jesus”. Peace like a river, a wave, a whisper, a hug…is what I am quieting down for. Focused attention on my Creator.

I hand my unfinished business, my busyness, over to Him in my heart. Why should my insides be like a noisy cafeteria, when He is the Prince of Peace? He is my escape hatch from the war zone of hassled thoughts. Thank you Lord for Your peace that surpasses all understanding. Thank You for being open for anyone who seeks You. Be their peace, too.