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For two precious days this Vermont resident and her husband were in New York state at an intense, but engaging church conference “School of Kings“. Such a lovely rural setting was chosen and it was a real pleasure to be located there. The aim of the gathering was to encourage us to press in for our country and our states in a new level of prayer. Since the gathering was hosted by a great church, Rock Road Chapel, in New York State, much prayer was offered for this terrific state itself. Confession: this Vermont citizen often wished that we could take some time to pray for my state, since six of us came across the border to be there. When my husband and I were driving home, my heart revisited that unfulfilled desire, and the Lord broke into my thoughts with a suggestion, “Adopt a state.”

Immediately, I knew what God was suggesting. It was not just for me, either, but for anyone in America who is praying for their state and country. Of course we love where we live, but with the fragmented edges in our country right now, how about if we each pick another state, find out about its needs, and pray for it with love and the desire to see it succeed. Of course, continue crying out to the Lord for our wonderful country, too. It is an awesome assignment to take on, if you desire. To spread our love out in a specific way, and get to know the needs of another part of our country more personally! Love the challenge, and I know I will be searching to hear good news in my adopted New York.