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The pastor sat in the front row of his church during worship, as usual, looking up a verse that the music reminded him of. Up on the raised stage, the live worship was so engaging. From my seat about two rows back, I caught sight of the pastors 4 year old granddaughter, spinning and stopping in front of her grandfather. After a few minutes, this little child wrapped her shoulders in a long sparkling rainbow scarf and danced in front of him, trying to get his attention.

As I watched this darling child spin and stop to look at the object of her dance, I saw the pastor stand up, take his granddaughters little hand and gently spin her about in a sweet, engaging worship dance. Her little eyes sparkled up at her grandpa adoringly. “He sees me, he loves me,” her face seemed to say.

Yes. What a profound, yet simple sermon picture of the love of our Father God, Who sees our attempts to catch His attention. He reaches out and captures us in a dance of Love and always has eyes for us.