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10’s of 1,000’s of book cover images to choose from, looking until you see double, and (glyphs) – chapter art I need to draw, and editing details to finish – we are in the process of preparing my first book to send to the publisher. It is very exciting, and I wanted to keep you all in the loop, so to speak. More details to follow, soon.

While I was writing, and rewriting my information about the author – myself , I kept thinking about the Author and Finisher (Hebrew 12:2), of my faith, Jesus, and how all my days are written in God’s Books in Heaven. Even this book I am working on is known to Him in every detail. He knows my every comma and rewrite, and He knows every detail about every person, since He is the loving Creator of all. I am awed that every detail is important to Him. God my Father is the Author of this author. Very comforting, and encouraging.