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After years of going with my husband Kevin to good estate sales and yard sales, I know with much certainty that many times Father God likes to surprise us with things we need at these places. He also hears what I desire, even if it is not out loud.

Example: Two days ago I sighed out loud when I saw a commercial on TV about a handheld vacuum. “Just what I need,” I told my husband. So many places in the house that need me to use one of those. They are so expensive.

Saturday morning dawned and Kevin and I set out to get errands done and go to the two garage sales that were advertised. Only two on Memorial Day weekend? We drove to the first advertised sale, and it sure looked like slim pickings from the sidewalk. Then Kevin found IT. A top of the line Tyson handheld vacuum with all its attachments! And the lady said it was a $200 one. She gave it to us for $15. What God is teaching me to do is include Him in my life , even in ordinary areas. Talk to Him as I go about my day, and believe that He is the source of my supply. He has the same heart for every one of His children, and longs to meet each ones needs. There is nothing as wonderful as having this kind of love.