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Riding the train to Virginia from Vermont recently, I sat right in front of a couple used to this long trip. I ignored their conversation until I heard the husband behind me claim “I saw our first eagle!” That I heard. I love eagles, and as we traveled for three hours alongside the beautiful Hudson River in NY, I heard this man point out eleven eagles either flying over the mighty river, or in nests high above.

This trip I really noticed this River. This day it was lively, with early spring attitude, lapping up close to the train tracks, gray-brown and full. Hudson River, sometimes wide and scenic, with tall bridges spanning its rolling surge, boats and barges sailing by, with bunches of people clinging to the edges with fishing poles. River feeding free-flying blue herons, who swoop in it with ease.

Hudson River, a force of God’s creative pleasure, bringing life to all around. See the sunshine shards glinting on its fervent waves. This antique riverway, still singing its history song, is strong and noble like the state it moves in. Beautiful Hudson river, flow on, inspiring so many.