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I apparently need to reconsider my hair, according to my 7 year old granddaughter!
On my trip to Virginia, (which I wrote about in my last blog), I came to help my daughter with her four children while her husband was away. While watching this granddaughter in her room, she informed me, with authority, that my hair was brownish-lightish. “Nana, it should be pink!”

Um…..moment of grandmotherish shock – Pink hair? Pink?

“Light or medium pink?” I inquired. I figured I should play along, while trying to imagine myself with pink hair.

“Oh, regular pink-pink!” this darling child decided, with certainty.

Not long after I was given this hair color advice, I was giving some attentive time to the preschool brother of the above hair expert. He was drawing a crayon picture of me. How sweet. “Hey, Nana,” he informed me happily, “I drew you with purple hair.” I accepted the drawing and noticed that the hair on me was very long crayon-purple hair!

Taking my gift from my little grandson, I felt like I was spinning backward in time – heading dangerously into a hippie time warp. So what did I choose to do with my hair advice? I am still undecided.