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From the moment that the amaryllis on my little work table began to grow from its bulb in the flower pot, I was always eager to get to my early morning Bible study. I couldn’t wait to see my study buddy’s progress. Since my desk faces the large sliding glass patio doors, it gets the first taste of sunshine with me, in the morning. My husband and I have done all we can to set it up to grow, but the rest is up to the story God put in its ‘seed”. It certainly seemed to be taking a long time to reach its potential. I wanted the reward of its opening.

A week before Easter I came down to my table, about 7 am to find that the short stem of the day before was noticeably taller. Ooooh. Then it seemed to be actually growing before my eyes! Some flowers are perky, some buoyant, some showy, but I knew when my Amaryllis finally got to the growing stage, it would be in the spectacular stage. Hurry. Her stem got rapidly so tall, I stopped studying for a curious moment to measure it. A whopping 19 inches before the bud. What would the flower look like?

Since I like to illustrate things, I got a page ready in my drawing journal to sketch the flower when it opened. My eagerness to see the result really gave me a new wonder in my Bible readings. God grows all things from a seed of thought in His Mind, to the result. Even though the final creation is unique, and loved by Him, from microscopic creations to majestic mountains and planets, all creation points to Him. Usually, I am drawn to the visible beauty, but this flower reminded me to cherish the whole wonderful process. Of course, I had to immediately realize that as God grows and matures the person he made me to be, He enjoys my process, and it is all beautiful to Him. He knows your end from your beginning, too.IMG_2061[1]

A photo of included to show you the first flower of Amaryllis. She will have three more so it will be a four-trumpeted regal wonder. To God be the glory!