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While visiting family this weekend, I was invited into the playroom of our kindergarten granddaughter. I left the living room full of visiting adults and followed her happy feet. “Nana, lets get camping.” From beneath her bed she pulled a sleeping bag out and set me to the task of dealing with the stubborn zipper. Then she pulled out the other sleeping bag that belonged to her younger brother, so we could get them ready for camping. “Nana, Daddy said we can camp on the floor sometime soon, and it is sometime right now!” Decisive little girl.

Giggling and gabbing stuffed animals, she climbed on a chair and turned off the room light. Even though it was only about 6:30, the room became surprisingly dark. Then the camping “coordinator” grabbed her pillow-shaped night light and stood on the chair above me (I was seated on the floor) and held the shimmering pillow and flicked a switch. Instantly, many tiny little lights from inside the illuminated pillow and held it up toward the ceiling. Tiny star-like lights moved about on the ceiling. Giggling, she began to say in a singsong voice, “Oh, aren’t stars so very encouraging!”

Looking up at her little happy face, full of wonder as the scene she was creating, I realized what a lovely way she perceived life. Then she began to sing a sweet little song, while watching her starry sky, above her playroom camping trip:

Encourage each other,
Don’t put people down,
Encourage each other,
Give a smile back for a frown.

Ah, such a sweet moment. She reminded me that I needed to be simple more often, and look at life from imagination, sit on a sleeping bag, and be encouraged by the stars.
Get lighter!