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Location – our local Vermont farmers market, Saturday morning, as usual, winter inside quarters.

Destination- past all the early veggie tables, and the handmade soaps and organic products, and the delicious smelling breads, etc, to the table of our egg man.
Whether outside in the summer market, or the enclosed winter market, our friend the egg farmer was always there. Dressed in his denim farmer coveralls, I always look forward to his happy smile of recognition, his baseball cap on his aged head, and the sign on his table that says Jesus is the reason for the season. This Vermont egg farmer has a favorite saying that is his answer to any comment about the times, the weather…or any thing, “Well, we’re always thankful for what we do have.”

Our farmer friend served his country faithfully in the National Guard, is a family man who is concerned with his invalid wife at home, and really never has gone to far from Vermont. One Saturday, I happened to read his name on the egg carton sticker…wow! His last name is the same as my Grandmothers maiden name. I mentioned that to him and he wasn’t sure what to do about that. Well, I figure we come from S. Carolina….” I told him we might be cousins. He couldn’t figure out how if he didn’t know me.

Well, I found out that my grandmothers relatives came from S. Carolina too. After that, I began calling my egg farmer, “Cousin”. Shyly he would put it aside and say nothing, but change the subject. We would buy our eggs, and say goodbye in a friendly manner. Imagine my surprise one day when we came to get our dozen fresh eggs, and our friend held out his hand to me and said, “Hi, Cousin.” I love this patient, always positive local egg farmer with my Grandmother’s last name and the Jesus sign on his table. He totally makes the farmers market great for me. Whether he is really a relative or not, he and I will be related through Jesus forever.