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One week ago, seven long days ago, my sweet husband casually placed an 8x5x4 inch box all wrapped in a piece of Christmas plaid paper, on the coffee table in front of me. “There, let that sit before you all week, till your birthday. And no peeking!”

Hmm. I would have to notice that mysterious box all week and wonder what was in it?
What did he get me? I am strong. I ignored it most of the week, pretty much. Every once in a while I would look over at it and wonder.

One day, I got a bit bold and casually picked it up, just to judge its weight, of course. As small as the box seemed, it was surprisingly heavy! Solid, because it didn’t make a sound when I jiggled it a tad. Mysterious. I am a bit curious- just a bit. But I won’t let it get to me. Tomorrow is my birthday, and I will wait nicely until then. Technically, my birthday does begin right after midnight…..oh, I will wait. Bet you want to know what it is, too. You have to wait. Stay tuned.