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There is a lot going on in my heart right now. You know, the usual plans for the next day, a problem I cannot seem to get the answer for, yet, and how to get a meeting planned, among others. Since I was waiting for small town’s annual variety show to begin, I started to write notes on the only paper I had – the program for the show. While I was looking about for a moment at the interesting local folk filling the old town hall, I heard the Lord whisper clearly into my thoughts, “It’s about the people in your heart.”

That paused me for a long moment. About the people in my heart … hmmm. About the people that the Lord entrusts me to love and pray for. To teach, pray for, share with and to honor in different ways. I looked around the town hall room and watched the interaction of the families filling the seats in the hall. God loves all these people I do not even know. I kept chewing on what He told me so soft and clear…it is about the people in my heart. People, the important part of my thinking; because people are always in His heart.