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It was up to almost 50 today – sunny, and I was outside walking on the 3rd of March, in Vermont. Such a rare treat happening after a foot of snow covered our ground just a few weeks ago. All melted, and maybe it is Spring here! Just maybe I should change the clothes in my closet… (Closet wisdom says, “Leave some winter things hanging there – you know!) Yes,

BOOM! Tomorrow the weather will dip to 2 degrees early Saturday morning, and will only rise to the low teens. So says the colorful weather channel team on T,V,, all dressed in their spring outfits. Back into the cave of cold. Sweaters, hats, gloves, and coats needed. Wool on the outside when I really feel like linen and khaki on the inside. Aye, it happens like this every year. Normal. How frustrating, how out of our control, how … natural. We long to slide into each season like it was Camelot, not to glide forward, then regress over and over.

If people were in charge of the weather, we might make it predictable by the very date on the calendar.





He is full of wonders, surprises, and growth-inducing backward steps, as well as forward ones. Each morning may dawn new and different, but one thing – one thing is totally the same regardless of season or date … His Mercies are new every morning, even when it is just 2 degrees outside.