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Writing my book has been exciting, exasperating, educational, and a real journey. I could add many more adjectives to that list. Getting close to any important goal is almost always a press, and is a starry ideal mixed with some frustration. Right now I am on the gritty, word by word part called editing.

Ever since I submitted a 100 page, pencil written novel on lined paper to my teacher in third grade (for an assignment)), I have dreamed and planned to publish books. I tried submitting two earlier books, many years ago, but to no real avail. However, when the Lord began to strongly nudge me to write this current book, by having a very reputable self-publishing company call me without my soliciting them, and give me an outstanding offer, I felt the shove to move forward. It is time. The book I will submit – my most recent blog – style personal journey in an area the Lord has downloaded into me, chapter by chapter.

I have to make me sit down and edit. It is the painstaking part, and I want to finish so I can submit it soon. Therefore, I am my own Drill Sergeant, to stop me from wanting to work on my next idea instead. This book is humorous, personal, and a sharing of a life process. More on the book when it is ready. Stay Tuned.