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It was a great and tasty Mexican dinner and I was enjoying every flavorful bite, when one particular bite felt like a small rock. ?? In my food? When I carefully reached into my mouth to remove the “rock,” to my chagrin, it was my gold crown for my upper right molar! Okay, okay, be calm. Dinner done, and wrap up that expensive little disaster. Put it in my pocket. I allowed myself to wince and be a bit shaken, for a minute. Okay, stay calm. I did not swallow that chunk of GOLD, but had it in my pocket.

Step 2: We were out of town, driving home the next day, so I tried the dentists office, on the low possibility that they would answer on President’s Day. They did. I told then what happened, and prayed under my breath that they would give me an appointment. Fast prayer answer – “Tomorrow morning.” Wow and whew! And thank You God!

SO for a day and a half, I just had to pray that God would handle the situation when I got to the dentist. And I had to chew VERY carefully, soft foods, on the left side. All the way to the Dentist I prayed for God’s plan, and just praised Him. It would be a miracle if my crown would fit, but God would help pay for the new tooth if I needed it. It IS a miracle! My Gold is back. I am elated. My tooth is back to working again. Glory to God for my tooth blessing, and even for the chance to trust Him in this surprise!