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  1. Visit an adorable little country …oh, don’t try to look up this little kingdom on any Google map from this century. The important things are that it has a great castle, and an eligible prince.
  2. At all times remain a sweet, American girl, and use that fun slang so he will hear that you are American.
  3. Be surprised that that very clean cut young man with the impeccable clothes and the cashmere sweater (boasting the royal crest) is His Royal Highness the Crown Prince.
  4. Soon after this prince invites you to the Castle, the one that looks like Disney built it, you will meet The Rival. She is the royal type that this Prince has been betrothed to since birth. She is pretty. Hang back, and eventually she will show her real colors.
  5. In the meantime, old castles make great backdrops for a photo shoot, and walks with the Prince.
  6. Forgot to mention, it is crucial that you know how to ride horses. Princes always ride them, and you want to ride, too.
  7. Watch out for the Princes Mom. She is the Monarch and definitely not impressed with an American girl catching his eye.
  8. Make friends with some of the hospital staff. You will need their help later.
  9. There simply must be a ball. A grand ball, to sort this all out.
  10. This grand ball is meant to be a clash or rivals, you vs. that Promised Bride.
  11. You may cry some. It is expected. Concentrate on the gorgeous ball gown, in just your colors, that shows up just in time. Wait until your Rival sees you. Wait until you float down the generous ballroom stairs with this on, and the Prince see you!
  12. The Queen will be very unhappy when the Prince dances with you. He is possibly going to destroy centuries of Tradition.
  13. More crying from you. How can this turn out? Not to worry. He has only 12 minutes left in your show and will defy royal history to choose you. The castle staff is on your side. And all the people of this Austrian style little country will love you to be their queen. White carriage with matching horses is awaiting you.
  14.  Happy perfect wedding. Remember, hold your newly crowned head up high. You won for all of us.