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When a dear friend’s elderly mother had a sudden heart attack, I went over to the hospital to sit with my friend, at her request. Her sweet mother lay in the hospital bed, slowly declining in her strength, struggling to breathe deeply, and her several family members came in and out to sit by her bedside.

Winter sunlight came in through the large window by this sweet lady’s face, and life took on a highlighted elegance beyond the normal. It was a slow-motion drama that brought the Lord Jesus very near to His dear one. How precious it was when this sweet great grandmother rallied occasionally to notice one of the little ones in the room, or reach out a weak hand to hold her teenage grandsons hand, for a moment. Tremulous moments like those contained a soft glory, and caused me to remember to prize the days that I have still in my life.

God said that the home-going of His saints is precious in His sight, and indeed, it is. This one thing even she knew, she was going to heaven to be with Jesus. It is a sure reward. I am so thankful to have been part of her last days, getting to pray for her, and bless her and watch over her with her family. I will never be the same.