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I didn’t see the dog until I was leaving the second hand store. It was an old Fisher Price wooden, goofy pull toy doggie. We bonded. I paid the $2.00, named him Rufus, and took him home. Visiting kids will love it.

“It’s a hound dog,” my husband informed me.

Oh. Like Elvis. “I ain’t nothing but a hound dog.” Strains of his song convinced me to rename my dog Elvis.

I texted my silly dog photo to a married daughter of mine, who didn’t have a dog, but had small children.

No response. Until the next day. Her text: “What kind of dog is that?”

“A hound dog”, was my answer.


The next day, this same daughter invited me to video chat. Eagerly I awaited to see one of my little grandchildren. Instead, zoom – a dog face filled my screen. Whoa, I was surprised!

“It’s a hound,” my daughter confessed. “We had him waiting for us, and we picked him up today.”

That is a surprise. Who would have thought …?