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“So, I really don’t like this plant! I am not good at exotic plant nurture. Take it if you want it.” My good friend pointed to the plant as I was leaving her apartment to go home. Even though I was no plant expert, I took said plant out of pity, mostly, and put in on the passenger seat on the way home. It sat there, looking rather root bound, dusty and thirsty.

As the designated “foster mom”, I quickly turned her over to my plant expert hubby. “So, I am calling her Beauty. Can we rescue it, I mean her?”

In short, my husband found out that Beauty is a Phalaenopsis Orchid. Okay. Now she sounds a bit royal. Well, of course, Beauty needed special plant food, and a very special new pot that is made to water orchids correctly. Hum. So our exotic, pricey orchid is sitting in her new finery, on our kitchen window, regally soaking up light, and we are looking forward to enjoying her true colors.