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Still a bit groggy this morning (before my coffee), I sat at my study table to get into my Bible study, I heard this title in my inner self. It caught me by surprise, and interested me at the same time!

Okay, humm, where to begin? Well, the star – Keep your eyes on what the Lord is doing around you. He can bring glory to even the most humdrum life or job. That star caught the attention and curiosity of many.

How about those certain shepherds? If angels, or God’s people tell you to go see what God is doing, show up! Go see, go hear, be teachable.

The manger: appreciate what accommodations the Lord gives to you, knowing He can do miracles anywhere.

How about those angels and their message? Worship, praise with joy, declaring God and His character…”Unto us a Child is born.” “Let everything that has breath…praise the Lord! Halleluia!”

So what can I learn from Mary? The first thing that came to mind is keep what God is doing and showing you and treasure these things in your heart.

Joseph? Protect what the Lord has given you, and be faithful where you are.

Wise Men? Do whatever you need to do to learn more of Jesus. When you find Him, prostrate yourself before Him, For He is the Savior.

Those gifts the Wise men brought? What can I glean from them? Don’t always be empty-handed before the Lord. Give Him your best, with joy.

Bethlehem – Well, the name means House of Bread, so what better place for the Bread of Life to be born! Jesus is our Life. Please let my life be like a house for Him.

JESUS – That once Jesus come into your heart, by invitation, He shines for in you for others to observe.

So, there is the manger scene, ministering to me in a more thought filled way, and what am I to do with all of this? Go out like the shepherds and the wise men did, and tell others about what He is all about. Merry Christmas.