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So, our cell phone contract said it was our NEW CELL PHONE day! Circled date in red. New phones means new features to enjoy, but as for me — I am just glad to be coming back to the present in technology, from the “ancient days,” so to speak.

I will explain. While visiting a friend in the hospital, I rushed to get out of my parking space to accommodate a waiting car, my cell phone quietly slipped off my lap and onto the ground. Promptly, the waiting car Ran Over It! Really! Unimaginable, unthinkable, Unsalvagable!

We rushed the victim to the Tech store, but the verdict from the expert was, dead on impact. And the years of photos stored inside- things to inspire another book, grandkid photos and trips…were gone. Irretrievable. And since it was four weeks until I could get our new contract cell phone, I had to use a six year old small cell phone they restarted.

Thankful for at least having text ability, I went backwards in time…to slow starting, and tiny keys and earlier technology. I needed to relearn to use it, forgive my own impatience, and be glad for how much I would appreciate getting back to the future in cell technology.

I prayed for my old phone to get those photos back, somehow, and Kevin and I went to get our new phones, finally! We picked out our new Droid phones, and I handed our tech my tragically crushed phone…and told him my sad photo loss story. He set the ‘victim’ aside and began to set up our new phones and transferring our files to them. Suddenly, over 900 old photos began to upload into my new phone. They were not lost, but in the “cloud”. Thank you Lord. New upgraded technology, pictures back. A God rescue, indeed! And a return to the future. Hallelujah.