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I tried several times to write one, but wadded up my efforts, and tossed them. Informative, and dry, and certainly not inspired by God. I don’t compose blogs, I only let the Lord inspire them. I tried hard to hear, and I wrote some things, but not from Him.

I love Thanksgiving, and its meaning, and its history. It is a great day with a great purpose; to bless and thank God, and our friends and family for good things and share good food. But I kept thinking 365. Every day of the year, even several times a day I thank God. Why? Because when thankfulness is a lifestyle, it changes the thanker. It is the language of Heaven, and I want to do what the Lord loves. It makes me feel more removed from the hard thoughts, and the hard things. God is real, and my praise and thanks draw me closer to Him.

“Give thanks to the Lord for He is good, and His love endures forever.” (Psalm 136, vs 1). I know that I want to continue to be thankful for al I have, and for those I love and for all that the Lord does, 365, even if I can’t write a fancy Thanksgiving blog right now. Join me in this, letting hour grateful heart bless the Maker of all we are and have. It changes us, and blesses Him. Happy Thanksgiving!