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Early morning. Not even a single leaf on any tree in my large backyard is even moving. No clouds moving in the still sky. I wondered about this, feeling like the whole canvas of the sky was waiting. I sat, not writing or reading, but just being still. Time seems to be waiting, all vulnerable and expectant. Trees undressed from their leaves shiver in the yard. Even the sun seemed to be trying to dress behind the cloud quilt in the sky.

“What comes next?” says the largest tree, in a whisper.
“Do you know?” a small empty bush whispers back, with a shiver. All her leaves lay at her base.
“It is the In Between time”, the big tree whispers back. “I remember more cold for the November month. I remember darkness.”
“I think new white clothes come soon,” bush said hopefully. “And always wind.”
“It sounds exciting,’ came the small voices of the tiny apple saplings.

Snapping out of my imaginations, I asked the Lord why it was so very still outside.

“Peace, be stilled in this unsettled time.” I heard Him say in my heart. “Be still and know that I am God. Always. You can’t make the wind blow, or move a season along. Trust Me to be God of all the unknowns. Be at peace.”

Hmmm. I knew that changing seasons build our trust in His Presence. “Lord, help me stand firm like a waiting tree, trusting all You have for me. You turn the pages of every day. Why should I wonder too much? It is well with my soul.”

“Hey,” calls out the tallest tree, “Our Maker has prepared us for this time.”
“Sounds exciting,” answered the tiny saplings, from the side yard.