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Right now Vermont is a world defined by leaves. You drive down a neighborhood street with a lot of trees and you lose your breath beneath a canopy of sunlit orange trees. When the afternoon sun strikes the tree covered mountains on the horizon, you can hardly keep your eyes on the road for the highlights of liquid shine on the fall leaves.

I personally cannot stay away from a colorful carpet of leaves when it encounters me. I get distracted, and start to look down, walk slow and scan for the brightest and the best of the leaves, free for the taking. I am incurable. Leaves find their way to a lot of my house surfaces, with books on top of them to flatten the choicest finds. Oh, those deep red ones, and the fine yellow ones delicately laced with the finest of pale brown veins. And the orange ones with the red tips. Love them all. Any unusual shapes, any multicolored ones, are sure to catch my eye. And there is always a pale pink one, if you really look well.

So, why do I gather them, flatten them, iron them into wax paper and get like a little kid over leaves? Because they show the detailed beauty of God’s creation in easy to see form. God’s extravagance blowing off trees, falling like tissue paper carpets to scoop up and enjoy. Fall is so short, and I need to get a hold of the loveliness that is a segue between summer and the incoming long winter. And yes, I am sharing some of my favorites with you in the enclosed photo. Such loveliness. Happy Autumn.

Autumn Leaves