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Our small, but strong Christian house fellowship got the exciting word that an amazing national prayer figure and his wife were coming to our town for a two evening conference. It was a long-awaited event, and we were asked to find a building to hold the event. Easier said than done. It was in the middle of our fall tourist season, and not much was available. After praying about it, we called a local church pastor we knew and he eagerly offered the space, and the worship team to us. No cost! Amazing.

It was the morning of the first part of the conference, and I pondered it all as I made my coffee. There was a lot to do in order to be ready, and I felt my inadequacies right then. We had never seen the inside of the offered church, and had not heard the worship team, and parking could be an issue if a lot of people came. But we wanted a lot of people to have a chance to come. And was there anything I had forgotten to do on my end?

“Factor Me into this.”

That still, small voice of the Holy Spirit interrupted my inner clamoring. “Your offerings of expectation and faith, and weakness when given to My supernatural ability will be enough.”

“…for My strength and power are made perfect (fulfilled and completed) and show themselves most effective in [your] weakness.” (2 Cor 12:9b AMP)

So, I prayed and factored in what God would do, of course, and both nights were amazing and led by His hand. Factor in God. I love that reminder. He knows all.