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“Baby” began as a heritage seed, early this summer. Planted deftly in a garden “nursery” area for its incubation time. The area around the pumpkin nursery is sunny, safe, and surrounded by nearby neighbors like tomato plants in their plot and lettuce and sugar snap peas. Kissed by that sunshine, and loved by soft rain, Baby’s vine began to grow. Every day the vine prospered, but there was no pumpkin. Eagerly I expected to see fruit. Summer went on and on and there was much to do, so it was a few weeks before I checked on the vine.
One day, I happened to look over from my driveway and saw a very peculiar sight. The prickly little Cyprus tree that stood guard over the pumpkin vine was literally wrapped in it! Huh? Up close inspection revealed that the very large and healthy vine held onto a small, shiny white baby pumpkin. Wow…it looked like a white tomato. But so exciting to me! If Kevin and I did not carefully unwind that huge vine from that prickly tree, that little infant pumpkin would fall off and be over. Operation complete, baby pumpkin will hopefully be safe and grow from a fist-sized wannabe to the elegant “Galeux D’Eysines”, (embroidered with warts from Esyines.) A lovely heritage pumpkin. Grow on, little fancy one!

Stay tuned to see how she grows.pumpkin_edited