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It is beginning to be all about the trees, here in Vermont. The subjects are all out there, ready for the show to come. All they need is some really cold mornings. The calendar is ready to comply and the tourists are ready to come and see. As I sat at my little work table facing the huge back door slider windows, it felt like the whole back forest was on the edge of autumn eagerness.

As I drank my coffee, I thought about how much I admire trees. I am the original fall leaf collecting, press them, keep them; send them in waxed paper person. A sudden breeze outside blew the branches near my windows, and yellow leaves swirled and settled on my back lawn.

It all set me to thinking about Bible verses about God’s people being like trees…hmmmm. So I looked a few of them up.

“[Most] blessed is the man who believes in, trusts in, and relies on the Lord, and whose hope and confidence the Lord is. For he shall be like a tree planted by the waters that spreads out its roots by the river; and it shall not see and fear when heat comes; but its leaf shall be green. It shall not be anxious and full of care in the year of drought, nor shall it cease yielding fruit.” Jer 17:7—8 AMP

And then I remembered the one about those that love the Lord, whom He calls,

“…that they may be called oaks of righteousness [lofty, strong, and magnificent, distinguished for uprightness, justice, and right standing with God], the planting of the Lord, that He may be glorified.” Isaiah 61:3b Amp

So, the incoming fall is holding the promise of autumn beauty, but also is a reminder that the seasons will all come around again. It is by the faithful hand of God, who offers us the exciting opportunity of becoming the firmly planted trees that remain strong even in adversity. I want to receive the grace He offers to those who believe in and trust in Him.