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Kevin and I were just about finished with our day at the Burlington, Vermont summer Fair. We were right by the enclosure of the Belgian horses, so, we decided to go see them before we exited. Such magnificent and gracefully massive horses, and they were surprisingly harnessed behind their stalls. Turns out, the fair parade was about to happen and we were right next to the stunning, and huge black carriage these six Belgians were going to pull. Okay – we certainly were not going to miss that!IMG_1537[2]_edited

I stood back a bit as the keepers walked the harnessed six out right in front of me, and Kevin grabbed our camera so we could record this fun. Stomping impatient large hooves, and shaking shaggy manes, the cinnamon colored stars were ready to go.IMG_1530[1]_edited

Then, to my surprised joy, the next entry in the parade was the miniature version of those Belgians…tiny cinnamon colored miniature horses, six of them, of course. They were harnessed together, and ready to pull their little sled. The contrast was planned, and amusing. Magnificent, vs. precious; stately, vs. tiny; eager, vs. jumpity.

The big and the little of it all was – equally awesome!
We are thankful we stayed.