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“Lord, show me what I should do today.” I asked at my early morning Bible time. It is a good, submissive prayer that I remember to pray sometimes, at the beginning of my day. So…some of my own ideas for the day – well, checking out my new chapters of my manuscript, collecting laundry, run to a favorite shop for an errand, and possibly make that prayer meeting I knew about.

Instead – There was a quick grocery run, a dash to pick up some frames on sale for our prayer center’s pictures, a phone chat with a faraway friend who DID need that new extra Bible we had ordered, the definite sending of myself to that awesome prayer meeting, and a friend who needed our help on a computer problem – and who showed up just in time for us to help her, and to share our dinner with us. (A dinner made from the very items that we had dashed to the store to get that morning,) All in all, a very satisfying day, mainly because I had the God of Heaven Himself ordering my steps in plain sight.