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I discovered once again that that the Lord loves to accompany us where we like to go. Saturday dawned with no rainstorm after all, and Kevin and I, coffee travel mugs in hand, set out to hunt for treasure at the Brandon annual town wide yard sale. Kevin had his particulars he was looking for and my prayer was for God to give me good surprises.

After two hours perusing nice things on lawns of a great neighborhood, Kevin had found something he was looking for, thank you Lord, and I was a bit disappointed , but enjoying the fact that it was a lovely Vermont summer day.

It was at the near end of our route for hunting, and we were ready to find lunch and go home. Out of coffee and a bit thirsty, we came to the home of a lovely Christian couple who made us feel delightfully welcome at their garage sale. Not much was left, since it was after noon, but I perused about anyway. As I came to a card table in the garage, a very large (30”) box beneath the table almost took my breath away. It couldn’t be! Just the week before I had told Kevin how I had sold very exclusive European child sized dolls at my small art gallery over twenty years ago. I had a bit of nostalgic regret that I had not kept one of those amazing, lifelike dolls, and there, right at my feet was one of them in a box! I had not seen one in decades.

I talked to the dear lady whose doll it was, and she let me buy it for $50. Astonishing! Especially since these realistic dolls cost around $400 over twenty years ago. I could see the smile on Jesus’ face as I stared that rare doll. I had prayed for a surprise, and I am still surprised. And quite awed at the blessing so dear to my memory. To God be the glory!!!