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All the very warm day long the sun visited our multiple gardens around our house, with energetic kisses. When I walked around outside, I could smell very warm soil. The air fairly pulsated with summer. It was so bright and warm that my most aware sense was heat.

After dinner, when the sun was just splashing on the horizon, my husband called for me to come out on the front porch to smell the air. Oooh – yes. I dashed out to the front porch with my curious nose ready to partake. Ahhh – such a sweet, mixed waft of growing life greeted me. A fragrant bouquet of flowery scents mixing together in the vibrating air. It was quite like a summer cake just out of a warm oven. So unforgettable. My recommendation to you is, go stand in a flowery field in the warm sunset air and take a deep breath. Summer smells so ripe.