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In the quiet, very wooded portion of our property that extends to the side of our house, is a fabulous, large, smooth and welcoming rock. It should be spelled with capital letters. We really love that rock, all solid and dappled in the sun. The rock, our rock is noble, and when we made the decision to possibly sell the property it is on, we also decided to move it over to our portion. We had ground work done, we hired someone we knew with a small excavator come and also nudge the rock to its new position. Just a few grunts of the dozer, and it had a new field to shine in.

My plans for Rocky? Well, when the squirrels aren’t using it as a restaurant to crack open black walnuts upon, I want to sit and pray on it. This stable rock is a great place to be restful on, to talk to God on, and to appreciate God my real “Rock”.