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A few days ago, I set out by myself to visit family in Fairfax, Virginia. However one travels, it takes the better part of the day to go from Vermont to the D.C. area. To train or to plane was the question. Since I really like the train ride, and the weather in the early summer doesn’t hinder the travel like in winter, I got my tickets. Having had several travel snares, even on the train, I knew I had to trust Him on this trip, also.

Getting to Virginia was most pleasant, and I looked forward to going back on the train to read and relax. To get home required three trains; one quick business one, and the next one, the Amtrack Regional to New York Penn Station. The third train would be caught in Penn Station five hours later. Coffee in hand, I found a great window seat, and settled in to enjoy watching as we crossed the Potomac into Washington, D.C.. Such a lovely day beckoned me, and I enjoyed riding through cities and country scenes beyond. I was so engrossed a few hours later, in writing something interesting, that when I looked out my window I was very surprised to see the storm outside. Rain was blowing sideways, and was so thick that I was surprised the engineer could see down the track. We were riding through that turbulent weather right into the Philadelphia station.

We had a problem. On came the announcement from the front of the train, “There is a very strong storm in Philadelphia, and it has damaged the power lines that the train runs on. We will remain in the station (underground) until the team can assess the situation. We are sorry for the delay.” I was sorry too! Stopped in Philadelphia. I needed to get to New York to catch the only train to Vermont. I alternated between praying that we would hurry up, and looking anxiously at my watch. Time was ticking away. We had been sitting there in the station for an hour and I had only one hour and about thirty minutes to make it.

“Lord, I remember all the times You have intervened in travel difficulties, to get me home. I trust You, to help me this time, too. I need to relax and be open for the adventures You have for me still.” I told the lady next to me that God would take care of it all.

We finally got moving and I watched the clock, and prayed, and got my luggage ready to leap out the door and run. We landed in New York Penn Station with 15 minutes to run, and I knew that was my part. It was two stories up the crowded staircases and across the long station floor, but I arrived in the Vermont train line as they were boarding. Praise God. He did it. He either slowed down time or shoved me faster up the stairs. And I acquired another testimony of God’s faithfulness.