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Our ceiling fan lazily turning in our upstairs bedroom. Window open, as the delicious cool breath of very early morning is touching my skin. Downstairs will be just as sweet, I thought as I tiptoed down. It is very early, just into daybreak, and when I opened the sliding back door, I could hear all the conversations of the various birds in the wooded area of our yard.

Nothing is in a hurry – I sit at my little study table facing the bird chorus, wanting to savor the sweetness. “How do I savor the sweetness, God?” He has planned a whole new day for me. I can stuff it with busyness, even necessities, or ask Him what He wants me to do. The vastness of the awakening complexity and rhythm outside my door reminds me that I am really not in charge of much. It is good to be reminded of this. Life is all around me and I did not create it. I can’t even explain it all. I can, however, connect, in this cool, pleasing and fleeting morning, with the Creator of it all. This loving God, my heavenly father, Who knows all, and loves me.

He is the Lord of everything, even if we don’t think about that ever.