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Oh my, almost overnight, the earth in Vermont changed. Trees bursting in white and pink blossoms posing on hillsides everywhere. And the hillsides themselves – did I mention them – brilliant Irish green in hues so rich there is no paint that can capture them. Storm clouds scuttle by, casting mysterious shadows on the carpeted hills. It seems like every living thing is at its best, dressed for the reveal.

With our hearts full of apple blossoms, my husband and I left the scenes around us and headed for home, stopping by a large yard and garden supply store to get some bags of soil. Huge plant display shelves were set up everywhere outside, and we were captured for some time, wandering among the starter herbs and flowers and vegetables. After all, there was a sale. I fell in love with a dashing little weeping pussy willow tree. I had to pull myself away, and walk among the mint plants. Chocolate mint sounds like a delicious choice. Birds settling on the tops of the outdoor walls were enjoying our browsing and bid us farewell.

With hands full of greens, herbs and garden starters, we loaded hope-filled “spring” delights into our car, and drove home, satisfied.