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So much was going on in our kitchen. We had the news on the T.V. to catch the news, and Kevin (my husband) was deeply involved in a pot roast operation, with a lot of pans, chopping boards, veggies and spices on the counters’ Very little counter space was left, but I entered the fragrant fray uncertainty, determined to make delicious, high-protein rolls. After all, bread with pot roast is good, and the oven was already on.

Sleeves rolled up, I cleared off a wedge of counter space for me, in the midst of the tumult and put out my ingredients; egg, two packets of yeast, flour, large bowl and small bowl, a pan with two cups of cottage cheese, etc. (Yes, cottage cheese!). In the midst of decreasing space, I had to mix the roll batter in stages. Oh well, done this before. Finally the pot roast was out of the oven, and the space in there was freed for me. I sprayed the pan, formed the batter into rolls, and popped the pan in the oven. Whew! Now to sit down.

Oh no! I suddenly knew! When I cleaned off my counter, I saw it! The second yeast packet. Oh no. I had forgotten to add the second yeast packet. These heavy rolls needed to have both yeast packets to rise. Did I just waste all that good stuff? Would I get lead biscuits?

Idea! Quickly, I opened the oven, patted the incomplete rolls and prayed that Jesus would bless them and override my mistake, and let them rise anyway. Now I had to wait.

A sense of expectancy came over me.

When it was time to take them out, They were perfect! Remarkable. They tasted like they had both servings of yeast…..fluffy and great in texture.

Halleluiah! Jesus saved my rolls. He cares about all things in my life, and yours. Wow