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When we saw it in a garden display outside of a large Kmart, on the hill, it beckoned to us … ”please take me home.” The tag said it was a little peach tree already forming embryonic buds. Oh, we had not thought of a peach tree to give company to our three little apple trees in the back yard. How could we resist?

Is there anything better than a ripe and juicy peach? Since I was born in the “peach” state of Georgia, and Kevin used to roam a friend’s peach orchard as a boy, our mouths begin to drool at the mere thought of fresh, ripe peaches. Can’t wait. We brought peachy home. All planted in a space near the dwarf apple trees, we had a satisfying orchard. Oh, and we planted a bing cherry tree, too. Smile.

But, oh dear – sigh – not now … the Weather Channel reports that there will be a frost overnight! It is almost May. It did snow a bit today so I think I believe them. We have to go out and protect the peach tree, as it is the one with flowering buds.

Until we owned three acres at our new home, we had never had so many trees to be caretakers of. Just last Friday, as I was up in my early morning time with bathrobe on, and coffee in hand, the electric company showed up with their voices truck and cables, to cut down three dead ones. I called for Kevin to go out, and watched the whole scene from a safe window spot inside. Dead trees were sad to have, and as I thought about them, it reminded me of Psalm One. The psalmist likened the righteous ones who follow God and meditate on His Bible truths, to “trees firmly planted {and tended} by the streams of water, ready to bring forth its fruit in its season; its leaf also shall not fade or wither; and everything he does, shall prosper {and come to maturity}. (Psalm 1:3, AMP).

I want to continue to be a fruit-bearing tree, or person, that is, in God’s Kingdom, soaking up nutrients in the soil of truth. Our dead trees lay across our lawn. Our future fruit tree sits planted in our green yard, giving me a picture of hope and life, continuing on. I want that for all of you, too.