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After a long day of feeling weak and sick, I asked my husband to make the brownies he usually took to his choral practice. I saw the warm sunshine our on our porch and decided to sit outside for a bit. Sun makes you feel better.

When the sun hid behind the clouds, I went back inside, and the whole downstairs smelled like gourmet brownies. Chocolate to the nth degree! I told Kevin that the world should smell like this. Well, he informed me, it did when he was growing up in New Jersey. A nearby town, Hackettstown, was the home of the M+M Mars factory, and the world smelled like chocolate all day! In contrast to the farm town near my grandparents, in the south, that hinted strongly of manure.

Chocolate air! Until the clean air act came along and the candy factory had to comply and subdue that warm chocolate atmosphere. With so much in the world that people are complaining about, wouldn’t it be great if we could have more pleasant things in the air?