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Yes, we could almost smell green things even before we opened the large home supply store doors. After a spring season that has regressed more often than it has tried to start, we wanted green. Living green. And if the season wasn’t going to grow stuff right now, we were going for the starters.

Ahhh, yes, only a few feet inside the door sat a jubilant, over-fed fern, reaching out its feathery fronds invitingly toward me. Then beyond that feathery frond sat a row of warmly alive plants, all needing to be rescued from the hardware section. So many flavors and sizes and scents, but we chose lemon balm and sweet mint, ( I have a southern background), yummy lavender and basil. Ahh, fragrant growing things to take home and put on the windowsills and put up in a hanging basket….to look at and breathe in the scent of, until…until what? Until the season of spring really decides to spring forth. Right now we are in rehearsal. Happy season to you!