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It was definitely missing!

My heart was pounding, as I re-searched for it in my pocketbook over and over again. I did not discover it was totally missing until I was in the airport food court near our gate.
It couldn’t be lost.

In my mind I walked though all the steps we had taken from the airport bus, through the huge Dulles terminal, and right up to the food court. The nice, clean bills making up that $30 in that favorite wallet were gone, too. How could it have happened? It must have fallen out on one of those moving stairways, or in the security check area, or when we were hustling to get to the gate…Please, Lord, does it have to be lost?

It was my new, really fun turquoise snap one with the fun lime green contrasting inside. I think I was more hurt that the wallet was gone, than the money. Almost. Calls were made to all the locations I had passed through, and there was nothing. Okay. Sigh.

“What do I do about it, Lord?” I practically whined in a hurt and pitiful prayer.

“Praise Me, and pray that the person that found it is blessed. Sow it as a blessing, instead of seeing it as a loss.” It was a quiet inner answer, but I knew it was not my thought. Hmmm. See it as a gift from me to that person? I guess it was a good moment for him or her!

Okay. But I told the Lord I needed another fun wallet. Please.

After getting home, I checked out the new thrift store on town. It was so crowded, I took breathing room in the back area of the store. It happened to be the accessories section. On the wall was a basket full of wallets. Half-heartily I dug around in it. Nothing cute until I reached the bottom! Out came a really cute. A new, finely striped zipped money purse, totally fun and pleasing A great price, and handier than my lost one. Oh wow.
I found it! He found it! No money in it, of course, but that was sown in faith to someone else. Interesting. It really did replace my loss perspective! I stood there holding that new acquisition, with a kind of hush in my soul