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After I sent out the previous blog, “When You are 100”, written from my observations of a second grade bulletin board, I got a pleasant and provocative reply from a relative, visiting New Zealand. He enjoyed the blog, and added the comment, that since he was over 70 himself, as he aged he would always keep focused on the real Source of life, in his prayers.

This comment, and the lovely reminder that we all grow older, challenged me to ponder my own route to 100. I, like my relative, have a deep and strong love for the Lord. Even as I grow older, I want that love and relationship to grow stronger. It actually makes growing older seem more like a great goal, than just an inevitable end.

“With long life I will satisfy you and show you My salvation.” Psalm 91:16

All of us will grow older, (we do not know how old, of course), but the act of considering what we will be known for, and what will always be important to us, is good to identify now. May God bless all of your upcoming days.

Thank you, Eric, for your awesome input and consideration.