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Have you ever really considered being 100 years old? You seriously haven’t?

Well, the other day, I was in the empty hallway of the second grade, waiting for the class I volunteer in to come in from recess. My eyes were drawn to a very clever bulletin board labeled, “When I was 100”.

There were 12 construction-paper faces with white wooly fluff glued on for hair, squinty faces, wrinkles and clever touches. Beside the faces were essays telling what each little 8 year old would do at the ripe old age of 100. Fun things like eating a diet of popcorn, driving a race car (what do you have to lose at 100?), wearing a crown, traveling far, etc.

Well, this gives us options besides retirement homes, walkers and no teeth! Why sit around? I pondered it, realizing that these clever writers have 92 years before they reconsider.

Plan ahead, and practice on your popcorn.