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Observation: Sometimes when your dreams come really close to being fulfilled, and you yourself are a huge part of its fulfillment –

Well, sometimes a cramp happens. Not a cramp in the side or in your fingers, but in progress. Mine became almost a roadblock. I had to take charge of myself.

After a life of writing and of longing to publish a book – of dreaming about it, and writing and writing and drawing, and then, finally securing a publishing contract, I stubbed my toe on my road to the finish.

What to do? Get out of myself and push this project along. Over the bumps of typing and correcting, and especially over the huge leap of editing. Sigh. It is part of the process. But creativity seems to feel more like walking barefoot on the road, than an exciting adventure, towards the bumpy end.

I stand firm. I press myself on. I persevere, because there is an exciting end in sight. Full steam ahead, pushing distractions out of my way, I squint to focus on the finish.

I wonder if any other creative folks have this road block happen? Hmmmm.