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Great Grandma begat Grandma, who begat Mom…
Family history is interesting, but I have not put much time into it, until it overtook me this past week. Kevin and I starting contemplating a possible trip someday to North Carolina. Since I have plenty of relatives in that state, I wondered if we could go on Google Streets to find my Grandmother’s house in Boone, N. C. She passed away many years ago, and the house was sold, but I had so many great memories as a child visiting her there. Much had changed in Boone. It went from a small, sweet mountain town, to a bustling city. Finally, we found Grandma’s house. My heart sank when I saw it. Her cute antique house was still on the little hill, but her windows were boarded up, and the majestic pine tree was gone.

What had happened? Was there a new owner who planned to remove it? Now, I was captured. I started to pray about it, and got the idea to call a relative. I sure didn’t expect to find out the sweet house was already gone. The year before. Gone. Kevin went on the internet and found a newspaper article in the Boone Newspaper wondering about the history of my grandmother’s house. They even had a picture with the article. And then I saw the phone number in the article, a person to call to give them family, or house information.

I had to wait a few days to get hold of the historian, so I set about finding something to tell her about. This was a family heritage issue. I felt that I owed it to my grandmother to tell this town historian about her history with the town and the little house she had lived in. Should I really go farther with this? I mean, my grandmother had lived in that house, a long time ago, and it was gone. I had my memories. But I knew that God had opened this door. Because of my curiosity, and Kevin’s computer find, I was connecting by phone with several relatives that I had not talked to in a long time. God has written my past, and my present and future. He has done this for everyone. I found myself looking at old family photos to see Grandma’s home, and asking questions of relatives. My children and my grandchildren and my siblings, they will all benefit from their family history. The historian wants to give the town the stories that came from that little house and it’s residents contributions. Since my Grandmother had married a descendant of Daniel Boone, and they had several children, who were raised in Boone, and grandchildren, like myself and my siblings who loved to visit there, this was Boone news.

So, my ancestryBoone.com was rolling, and I needed to roll with this project. It is actually fun. I wonder what I will discover, and how many cousins I can reconnect with. What is the most exciting part is that God is so involved in families, and wants us to know our history. Stay tuned.