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As I left Walmart, passing by its pink, purple, and red Valentines Day aisle, I succumbed to the urge to grab a box of chocolates for my husband, Kevin. Then I had to dash to the Kindergarten class nearby to read them a book. It was the last half hour of Friday, and I loved to do it.

Walking into the classroom was like diving into a Valentines Day submarine. Hearts hanging from the ceiling, and four long tables full of small children with piles of treats dumped in front of them. It looked like a candy explosion. One child turned to me with a smile so bright with joy it dazzled. “Hi Mrs. D. It’s Balemtine’s Day!”

Straight from Valentines Day school, here is how to submerge yourself in the big day:

  1. Lay out your goodies that you received, in an array before you.
  2. Now, line up your candies in a row and count and recount them.
  3. Wet all those little paper tattoos from hour cards and press them all over your forearms. (Push up your sleeves, so that they show).
  4. Reread and reread your cards, waving them up in the air so others can see them, too.
  5. Eat your red velvet heart-shaped cookie because it makes your tongue red. Later on eat the icing off the top of your cupcake.
  6. Even though you know you shouldn’t open that box of yummy little red cinnamon hearts, you dump those bouncy things out on the table, and eat the ones that rolled off onto the floor.

Remember that everyone is your friend on this jolly day, so share a candy kiss with someone. Carry that pink, red, purple joy out the door to others. Feel like a child.

Happy Balentimes Day…like my kindergarten buddy said!