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IMG_20160204_211741921Even if it is still sort of the winter season, here in Vermont, it felt like time to get something alive into our inside decor. My husband Kevin, and I were eager for something green. Nothing green and fresh was outside yet, we bundled up and visited a huge building supply store that had a garden section.

Their plant section was small, given that it is the first week of February, but that did not daunt us. We had a large kitchen windowsill to use as a plant lab, and an antiqued metal shelf that begged for plants. (It is, after all, a plant shelf). Up the aisles…both of them, and bingo … cute potted plants that were already growing. Yes. We bought 4 for $10, a bargain, and then trekked to Walmart to see if we could find real little pots to put them in. Not yet. But what we came upon were cheerfully packaged grow them yourself daisies, basil and cone flowers. Only a dollar each, but like cute little greenhouses. Perfect for growing on my kitchen window ledge. Since the little pots they came in were spring colors, I got excited by the jaunty display. I like clever packaging, so I really liked fact that the yellow daisies pkg. had the word GROW in fat yellow letters on it, the Basil one had GROW in pale green, and the purple cone flower had GROW in purple. Sweet .

What a great thought for the coming season. Grow! Grow little plants. Grow Debbi and Kevin…grow in expectation. In ideas, in love. And while I watch for my tiny seeds to grow, I am anticipating life.