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Many years ago in a third grade class room in Pennsylvania, a young girl with long light brown hair eagerly spent her weekend on her homework writing assignment. The teacher had instructed the children in the class to write a story showing good grammar, good spelling and good character development and plot. The story needed to be at least two pages long and was due Tuesday, after the three day weekend was over.

So, this happy third-grader got a pack of 3-hole lined notebook paper, a three ring binder, and pencils, and set to work on the delicious project. All weekend the girl wrote happily, and when Tuesday came, she proudly turned in her assignment – all 100 handwritten pages in the ring binder.

I can see the teachers face as she contemplated having to read my novel along with the rest of the class work. I got an A!

So, the author was born. The love for writing all kinds of things was born in me. Being a book collector, I tend to think books. At least a few completed, and almost completed manuscripts are tucked away, awaiting plans to get them published someday. My writing hopes will not stop, and neither do the ideas to share.

Promising God I would write blogs, I stepped into this too, and I love it. It is a great stage for sharing a writers walk – and the ups and downs and observations of life. It is also a great place to share my amazed excitement that a book I am currently writing has a publishing contract. Wow. I want to occasionally share the progress with you now and then. Exciting! “Ruffle the balloons!” , as my Dad would say.

Now, back to the lengthy process of editing! At least now I can use a computer.